6 tips to improve your brand’s SEO

Can you imagine that when a user searches on Google, your first brand appears? What if you are a hostelry in the capital and someone puts “Dental SEO Philadelphia” you appear on the first page? Surely the traffic that goes to your website will be quite important; and, in addition, it will be your target audience.

Well, this is not something that is only available to a few; but it is about working the SEO (or organic positioning) of your brand and you can fight for those first positions.

Therefore, in today’s article, we want to offer you some tips that we believe will help you:

Analyze your current situation

Search in what positions your brand appears for the main searches, analyze your website, social networks, content … And, of course, do the same with your competition and create a small report with the results.

Why keywords find us?

Once you have this report in your hand, it is time to know why keywords arrive to our website and what types of searches are carried out in the sector in general.

Betting on the contents

Do not ever forget to create quality content, and SEO-Friendly; The Content Marketing is one of the most important pillars for Google and other search engines. And, their algorithms will reward them by scaling positions.

Also, bet on different formats in the content: videos, graphics, infographics, and photographs.

Create an attractive and usable website

In which the users feel comfortable and navigate quietly. Otherwise we will have a high rebound rate, something that does not help the SEO at all.

And, of course, bet on the responsive design … Otherwise you will be penalized by Google and the millions of users who surf from mobile devices.

Natural links

The external and internal links will help your organic positioning. So you should look for the main keywords to fight for and create links on your own website.

So, how to get other platforms to link to your site … Of course, we always talk about natural links, and not the artificial ones so used in the past and that nowadays they are punished by the main search algorithms.

Use the RSS

To increase the visibility of your content, send traffic to your website, create external links.