Financing Is Sometimes Better than Paying Cash

Have you ever thought about getting financing even when you could afford to pay the cash? Yes, this happens now. People have started giving value to financing and not the cash payments. And this is due to various reasons. It basically and mainly helps in improving your credit score. But there is another aspect too. When you consider financing then sometimes a point may come that you could go into debts from where it may become too difficult to come out. But, you shall also not ignore one more thing. Sometimes, it is better to go into debt rather than paying the cash. If you will contact BlueOceanCapitalGroup, even then you will come to know much benefits of financing over cash payments.

Let’s make it clearer and simpler for you now. Let’s tell you how financing could be more attractive and not the cash payments.

Low APR rates on car financing: 

In case you have become successful in maintaining a good credit, then you can definitely get a car on finance at as low interest rate as 0%. This option will be much better even if you have the full payment of your car in the form of cash. Financing will help you make your financial credentials more strong for future purchases.

Deferred payments: 

Many times, big and renowned furniture and home appliances stores offer huge discounts for those who make purchases through financing. This is a very good option as one can enjoy the discounts and can deposit his savings in savings account from where he can earn some profits over a period of time.

Can enjoy introductory credit card APR rates: 

When you apply for a new credit card, then you are offered with introductory APR rates with almost 0% interest rates on purchases that you make during the first six months or one year. You must take the advantage of the facility for the time period you have been awarded it. And the cash you have, can be used after that introductory period of over and that you can pay to get all the credit card payments.

For instance, you are planning to buy a new car and have cash for its purchase, even then you should prefer getting it financed as there are some complimentary benefits that most of the renowned auto financing companies offer during the first year of financing term like free fuel, free road tax, free servicing and many more too.

Moreover, this move will also help in creating a good credit score that you may need to use in the future for other type of purchases. With good credit score you can avail the facility of almost 0% interest rate on your future purchases through loan or financing.

Cash purchases can leave a big hole in your financial budget and it may lead to many other troubles related to financial spending. But when you purchase something through financing, then you can have better control over your spending and budgeting. You can make plans related to spending depending upon your installment payments dates.

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