How self-inking stamps work?

Every office, especially new start-ups cannot do without self-inking stamps. They are a must for start-ups and small businesses who do not wish to spend much on letterheads, envelopes, etc. These small start-ups run on a limited budget yet they have a need to establish their corporate identity in the market. To strike a balance, they can design customized self-inking stamps with their corporate logo, name and address. They can then stamp it on letter papers, blank envelopes, memo pads etc to maintain their corporate identity.

How can Self-inking stamps be used at the office?

  • Self-inking stamps act as corporate seals. They are used while undersigning official documents. Using a self-inking rubber stamp as a corporate seal is a must when the communication is sent to the government, financial or non-profit organizations.
  • Self-inking stamps can also be used for stamping files and folders with company credentials to preserve the corporate identity.
  • They are also used to stamp receipts and bills and are hence essential office stationery for any office.
  • Self-inking stamps can be used to stamp plain envelopes with company logo to convert them as corporate envelopes.
  • Self-inking stamps can be custom made with notations like “PAID”, “DELIVERED”, “SIGNED”, “RECEIVED” etc. They can then be used as stamps to acknowledge receipt of couriers, deliveries, correspondence, payments, etc.

Note how one self-inking stamp can cater to a variety of office needs.  Self-inking stamps are not only economical but efficient too. Yes, these stamps come pre-inked for your convenience and hence prevent smudging or staining of documents. They are durable and long-lasting leaving the best impressions for your company.

How does a Self-inking stamp work?

A self-inking stamp is a rubber stamp that works with a spring mechanism. The self-inking stamp has a pad which is inked periodically. When it is not used, the stamp rests on the pad. When you want to use the self-inking stamp, just lift it off the pad and use it, it is good to go. The magic in the Self-inking stamps is that there is ink filled in the reservoir. So when you need to stamp and you push the plunger, the ink from the reservoir flows and soaks the stamp, making it ready for stamping.

Self-inking stamps can be refilled with inks when they get exhausted. All you have to do is pull out the ink well or reservoir from the Self-inking stamp and had a few drops of ink into it. Now the Self-inking stamp is ready to go!

Since they are self- inked, there is no worry about getting your hands smudged with ink while stamping using Self-inking stamps.

Get a clean, mess-free, and smudge-free stamping done with self-inking stamps.

Points to note while using self-inking stamps

  1. Self-inking stamps are durable and usually last long as they are made of ABS plastic if they are bought from reliable suppliers. But this is not the case if you buy it from local suppliers. Local Self-inking stamps can bleed, smudge, run dry or break easily if they are bought from local suppliers.

This is why it is always best to get the Self-inking stamps from reliable suppliers of well-known repute.

  1. Self-inking stamps are not suitable for dry ink used on non-porous surfaces. This is because the ink can dry easily when the mount is lifted making the Self-inking stamp pad dry and useless.
  2. Don’t use the Self-inking stamps roughly. A gentle and firm press is more than enough to give a good impression for the stamp.
  3. Don’t leave the pad of the Self-inking stamps open allowing the ink to dry.
  4. Do not mix inks for the Self-inking stamps. they will give poor results.

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