How to generate leads when coronavirus cancels your trip

In the era of pandemic led by coronavirus or covid-19 every business meeting, as well as various trade show events, are getting cancelled on a daily basis. Companies are facing a lot of troubles in the process of lead generation, as they are unable to get the contact details of the customers directly due to which they are unable to get the proper details of decision-makers for their business. The modern-day businesses are facing a lot of challenges in the field of lead generation as well as sales.

A cancelled event can create a minor setback to your ongoing lead generation strategies as well as your business plans. But one of the most common things which you may need to focus on is that missing on lead generation means missing on business generation. So, in this blog we are going to talk about the alternate of lead generation process in the event of coronavirus:


1 Webinar Hosting

 In comparison with a conference of more than 500 people at a time a webinar gives the opportunity as well as the flexibility to get connected with the fellow customers as well as prospects within a very budget or absolutely zero budget. Make use of question and answer sessions to increase the engagement rate with the fellow customers. According to research around 73% of the B2B marketers and sales, leaders are making use of webinars to generate high-quality leads.


2 Make use of video conferencing

In this era of an epidemic where the frequency of transmission of viruses such as coronavirus as well as bacteria is very high, video conferring gives the best possible flexibility to avoid such havoc. Video conferencing software and tools such as zoom software gives the flexibility to the senior employees to get connected with their junior employees as well as the outside clients. Make use of video conferencing software to fill the gap between a typical phone call and outdoor meetings.


3 Revise the content for your event

The content which you may have devised for your trade show campaigns may get wasted if you don’t use them wisely in the form of various blog posts and other video content marketing strategies. This content will further be useful to attract a large level of audience by means of doing and implementing a proper level of search engine optimization (SEO).

4 Make use of social media to increase the outreach

When it comes to quality lead generation social media plays a very crucial role in bringing more organic traffic as well as quality leads for your business. You can very easily make use of hashtags and live streaming to get connected with your fellow customers. Make use of newly announced webinars in your marketing content.


5 Make use of a new content

In the era of digital lead generation whatever the content your produce must be new as well as authentic and therefore in accordance with the user’s search requirement. Therefore, whatever be the content that you are using must be fresh as well as informative and beneficial for the customer. Whatever the new content you created must be increase the engagement of the users with the content and it should offer some fruitful results.

In this pandemic era of coronavirus, businesses are facing a lot of challenges towards bringing more business and increasing their overall revenue. Therefore, you may need to get adapted to a lot of stages so as to improve the overall business strategy. The content should be very genuine as well as unique. Try to impose some viral marketing strategies to market out the content organically. Business in this age of digital is like a war, therefore you may need to make use of the right strategy to hit the business in the right direction. The more the strategy is right the more it would be easy for the business owners to divert the business in the right direction.

I hope this article may have solved all the queries related to generating leads in the epidemic of coronavirus. And, all the best for the future business lead generation.

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