Is It Important To Provide Health Benefits To Part-Time Employees?

Usually, employers don’t provide health benefits to part-time employees, but many employers choose to provide these health benefits to some of the eligible part-time employees. 

Health benefits are not for all part-time employees but for some eligible employees, which is not fair enough. If the employer is offering health benefits to individual part-time employees, then all the employees who are eligible must have access to the same benefits.

However, employers don’t have any control over the eligibility requirements, such as what amount of hours constitute a part-time employee.

But they can decide for the part-time employees what amount of hours they have to work per week or per month to make themselves eligible for benefits.

According to the guidelines established by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it includes that the healthcare benefits should be provided to both full-time and part-time employees.

The employer has to follow the guidelines while offering health benefits to the employees.

As a part-time employee, they work for less than 30 hours per week, so the employer offers health benefits according to the working hour. 

For example, one employee is working for 24 hours in a week, and the other is working for 5-6 hours in a week. So the health benefits are provided to the one who invests their more working hours for the company.

Do you know the eligibility requirement of part-time employees for getting health benefits?

For providing health benefits to the part-time employees, the employer has to create some regulations that the employees will qualify.

For example, setting a minimum hours requirement for part-time workers to work for the company per week or month. If anyone passes those requirements, they will get the chance to access health benefits. 

Other than that, while an employer is offering health benefits to part-time employees, he must have to reach out to their current insurance carrier to ensure that the provider will allow them to provide these part-time benefits.

Handling the world of health insurance benefits can be scary for the employers who are providing health benefits to part-time employees because some insurance carriers impose strict clauses for providing part-time benefits.

That’s where a broker came in the picture. Employers can take help from brokers who are experts in this field.

They help employers to assess their current health benefits program. According to the employer’s needs, the broker finds a health insurance company that will allow them to provide those benefits.

The Bottom Line

The point is if the employer offers health benefits to full-time employees, then he has to offer benefits to all the full-time equivalent employees.

And when it comes to offering health insurance, the employers have to follow the guidelines set by ACA.

Suppose he is offering health insurance to part-time employees. In that case, he has to be consistent while providing the benefits because if one eligible part-time employee is getting the services, then all who meet the eligibility requirements have the right to access that opportunity.

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