Must Have Outdoor Signage Options For Your Business

Have you just opened your own business? If you’re relatively new to the world of owning and operating your own business, there are some important things you’re going to need to know. For example, it’s important to use the right outdoor signs to bring in all the right attention. If you don’t have the right outdoor signs for your business, you may lose out on an opportunity to reach more people and get them to check out what you’re offering.

There are certain signs that are must-haves. You should invest in these options as quickly as possible to ensure you’re getting enough attention from people in and even around the area where you’ve opened your business, including those who are driving or walking by your storefront at random.

Lighted Storefront Sign

A lighted storefront sign is one of the most important signs to purchase. It’s one that may be installed directly in front of your store, usually right above the front doors. The sign should be large enough for people to see it from quite the distance and it should come equipped with LED lights so that it shines bright throughout the night. If you’re open at night, you need to make sure people know you’re still open and a lighted sign is the best way to make sure they know.

The lighted storefront sign from Atlantic sign company usually has the name of a business and the logo for that business displayed on it. The sign may include some other important details, such as a phone number people can call when they have questions or comments they’d like to make. Not all signs have this additional information, so it’s something you’ll need to think about when you’re choosing to have your lighted storefront sign created for you.

Pay attention to the design process and make sure you’re choosing a design for the storefront sign that looks unique and stands out in the area. Select the right colors and fonts that are completely legible. The goal is to make sure people see the sign in front of your store and can easily read what it says before they decide to walk inside of the establishment to potentially purchase something you’re selling.

Sidewalk Sign

A sidewalk sign is a great sign to invest in for several reasons. These types of signs are often customizable and may be adjusted each day. Some people use chalkboard sidewalk signs while other use options that come with vinyl decal letters, allowing business owners to change the message they’re trying to display on a daily or even weekly basis. It’s good to use these signs to announce discounts, special deals, and other types of promotions that are being offered at certain times.

When people are walking by your store, they may not necessarily think they need to purchase something from there, but then they’ll notice the sidewalk sign in front of them. Most people stop to look at what the sign says out of natural curiosity. If they’re reading something about deals, specials, and discounts, they may feel a bit more enticed to go inside the building and check out what you’re selling to see if they can get a good deal on something. Another great thing about using this type of sign is that you can take it out as often as you want, but you can keep it inside the building when it’s raining or snowing outside if you don’t want the sign to get damaged by the elements.

Custom Designed Feather Flags

An easy way to quickly draw attention to your establishment would be to have custom feather flags designed specifically for your business. These flags are tall and may be placed directly outside of your establishment, allowing people to easily spot them from all different areas. Many business owners like to use the feather flag signs because they’re big, bold, and bright, which are some of the main features any eye-catching sign should have.

Before you decide to purchase any of the feather flags for your business, you’ll need to choose from all kinds of assorted colors and designs. You can have these flags made in any of the colors that you prefer or any of the colors that represent your business, but most business owners prefer choosing bright and bold colors because of their aesthetic appeal. If you’re not sure which colors you should choose for this type of signage, consider going with bright shades of yellow, orange, green, or even red.

Lawn Signs

If you have a spacious lawn in front of your establishment, you may even want to invest in one of many different types of lawn signs. These signs don’t take up too much space, but they’ll still capture attention from people who are passing by. Just like you would have to do with some of the other signs, you’ll need to choose colors, fonts, and the exact text you’d like to have displayed on the lawn signage. Most business owners keep it simple by simply having the name of their business and the business phone number included on the sign, but you can always include additional details if you think it would benefit your business.

When you’re running a business, it’s important to invest in high-quality signs that are going to make the establishment stand out, especially if you’re surrounded by plenty of other businesses in the area. There are certain signs that are simply must-haves, including storefront signs, sidewalk signage, custom designed feather flags, and lawn signs. If you don’t have any of these options, you’ll need to focus on finding a company that can help you with the customization process, working directly with you to find out more about you want and needs before producing the best signage possible.

Once you start using high-quality, eye-catching signs, you may start to notice an increase in foot traffic. There is a reason so many other business owners are using such a variety of different signage options and it’s because the right signage does help bring in more customers over time.

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