Onlive Server Review – Needs to Know About Server Hosting Benefits

Cheapest server hosting is a type of hosting where there is a distinct server that is leased to website owners or organizations. With cheap dedicated servers and Cloud VPS Server is the users have complete control of their servers. It is also important to note that all of the hardware and the software resources of the server are completely used by the website of just one customer or user. There are several advantages of using a cheap dedicated server hosting solution in place of a Cloud VPS server and it is the advantages that make this type of hosting the perfect solution for different businesses.

The Benefits Fetched from Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions

Some of the most basic advantages of using a dedicated server in place of a Cloud VPS server are as follows:

Dedicated servers are more dependable than VPS servers. Websites hosted on dedicated servers will have greater uptime because the servers are not being shared with the other websites. Hence, the website owners can remain assured of the fact that the visitors on their websites would never face difficulties with bandwidth.

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Flexibility – Dedicated server hosting solutions offer more control plus flexibility. When servers are shared among different websites, none of the website has complete control on the features and resources of the servers. This is something that is avoided with the use of a dedicated server. The users have the entire servers and its resources and thus they have more control and flexibility.

Security – There is better security available to the users of dedicated servers. This is mainly because such servers are not connected with any other website. It is very difficult for any other website or individual entity to gain easy access to passwords, files and other important information regarding the site that is being hosted on a dedicated server.

Customization Option – The users of dedicated servers relish top level of customization. They cannot expect such flexibility in customization from shared servers or cloud VPS servers as they need conforming to the shared servers. Going for a dedicated server hosting solution is all gains for a company because it offers it the liberty of using the scripts and the technology of its choice so that the company can take its website to the next level.

Best Services – Dedicated servers come with the good reputation of having served users or customers with the best services. With the use of these servers, there is troubleshooting helping readily available to the users from their providers. The providers of dedicated server hosting solutions have a basic understanding of the value of their customers and thus they go an extra mile in repairing their stuff at the earliest.

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Some of Additional Benefits –

  • Free SSL
  • SSD Storage
  • Pre-Configured Word Press
  • Automatic Updates
  • Technical Features
  • Daily Backups
  • Customer Support
  • Uptime Guarantee


Apart from the above mentioned advantages, cheap dedicated server hosting really confirms the fact that no other website would get access to the server on which your website is being hosted. This means a lot for the security of a business site. It is true that there are several benefits of using dedicated servers but at the same time it is also important to understand that there are a number of factors that need to be considered when choosing dedicated servers and hosting providers.

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