What to store on your card shaped pen drive?

A pen drive is essentially a portable storage device used to store and backup data and information. Using a pen drive has become standard practice in the corporate world these days. Almost every executive carries a pen drive in addition to a laptop and mobile.

Nowadays, pen drives are available in different models to cater to the requirements of the user the. The latest in the market is the card shaped pen drive that looks like a real credit card. This card shaped pen drive can store information but can pass off as a sleek and slim credit card or business card. But are all these card shaped pen drives mere fancy objects? Do they really store information and if they do, what can you store in a card shaped pen drive?

What can you store in a card-shaped pen drive?

A card-shaped pen drive can store information upto 16 MB not this storage capacity is good enough to store water number of things like the ones mentioned below.

  1. Documents

Executives use pen drives to take your work home. So they carry their official work as documents files and folders on the pen drive to resume the left of at office.So, the costliest pen drive can store upto 10 folders with quite a number of files in it.

  1. Photos

Storing photos on a desktop or a laptop is not a wise Idea as it is open to the public eye and can be easily misused. So it’s always best to carry your private photos on a card shaped pen drive you can shift when the drive can carry hundreds of photos which you can use wherever you want.

3. Videos

Most of us like videos more than photos.This is because videos integrate both images and sound .They are more attractive, eye-catching and engaging.

Now, all the videos you want on this volume is card shaped pen drive that has a large capacity of 16 MB.

  1. Music

Who doesn’t like music? Everyone does and we would like to listen to the music when we want. The only way you can do this is by carrying all your favourite music on card shaped pen drive. Store all your music less in mp3 format on the card shaped pen drive and listen to them  wherever you go.

  1. Movies

Almost all faces are movie buffs. Who would like to watch a movie when they are travelling? You can do that now by storing all your favourite movies on your card shaped pen drive. The other advantage is you can download movies which you want on the pend rive and watch them later at leisure.

  1. Presentations

Those of us who are a part of the corporate world most often make presentations to our clients, customers and stakeholders. It is here that your card shaped pen drive comes handy. Store your powerful presentations on your card shaped pen drive and secure it with a password. You can now access them wherever you go only with your password. These pen drives are extremely useful to carry your presentations to client meetings, corporate meets, seminars, conferences or trade expos.

  1. Agreements and legal documents

it is not advisable to store all your important legal documents and confidential agreements at your office. It is better if you store them on your card shaped pen drive security in a password-protected manner. This will protect your data from theft and misuse.

The card shaped pen drive is a valuable portable storage device that can store a world of data in it. Get one today

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