Why Your Business Should Make Friends With Data

Here’s the thing – in 2019, if your business is not online, you’re either a hugely well-established business who doesn’t need marketing to stay alive (and if that’s you, we need to know what your secret is) or… you’re just not in the race at all, and your business will suffer for it. Luckily though, the vast majority of businesses, big and small, have at least one form of digital presence, even if it’s just a Facebook page and a telephone number. However, if you really want to step ahead of the competition, you’re going to need to make friends with data. And this can mean a number of different things. But before we explain what they are, let us explain why data is important.

Data is your insight into whether or not your online marketing strategy is working. You might have heard of analytics tools such as Google Analytics, or ad insights on your social media platforms. This is what we are referring to when we say ‘data’ and it is so much more important than you might currently think. It is basically a technical form of ‘feedback’ that helps you to better understand how your adverts, copy and SEO are working – more importantly, when they are not working the way they could be.  However, understanding this data can be a bit of an art form, and misinterpreting it can be very costly, which is why we encourage businesses to ‘make friends’ with it. As we said earlier, this can be in a number of different ways, and which route you decide to take will depend on your circumstances: time; finances; current understanding of how data works.

Here are the ways you can better adopt a great relationship with data:

Hire an expert – this has to be one of the most time-saving and convenient ways to make friends with the data from your digital marketing campaign. Digital marketing experts already understand data and what it tells us – not only that, they know how to act of the ‘feedback’ to increase the success of your strategy and help you to rank higher on search engines, connect through your social platforms and create great SEO-laced copy. While it will come at a financial investment, the results will most likely compensate for this in the long term.

Learn how to analyse the data yourself. Maybe you have an unending thirst for knowledge and you want to sink your teeth into a new project. If you’re running a business and want to improve your online presence, understanding analytics tools and how they can help you could be exactly what you’re looking for. But for this, you need the luxury of time, and an aptitude for data analysis. You will then also need an investment of time to make use of the data and put the relevant changes in place to help strengthen the performance of your online presence.

Put a staff member on a digital marketing course. This on will depend on a number of factors. While it will save you the time and effort it takes to get to grips with the technical results of digital marketing, you will still need the time and financial investment it takes to allow your staff member to be able to put their new skills to good use. So, here, you will need to be flexible enough to allow your staff member time away from their role, the money to put them through the course, trust that your staff member is loyal and will stay with you once they have gained their new skills, and a window of time to wait before they are able to put their skills to use. However, if you have this flexibility, it could prove a very fruitful option for the future of the business, as there is no reason why you couldn’t then assign your staff member to a training programme and train-up other staff on a more casual level.

Whatever you choose, the key thing here is not to ignore the power of data. If you’re not using data to strengthen your strategy, it’s about time you did. Without it, your competition will eventually creep past you in the race, no matter how successful you currently are.

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