3 Best Picture Editing Tools

This picture is not an Instagram material, this and many other sentences are our daily routine dialogues for defending our pictures that “aren’t good enough”. No matter how good your camera is and how skilled level photographer you have hired, some people are not easily satisfied with the results and wants a perfect picture.

For such obsessed people, we have online editing tools with us. They are not only online tools to make our picture beautiful but are definitely life savior. The first online photo editor tool comes into place named as Adobe Photoshop and since then people lives are changed. More and more people started using it and it has become an essential part of our phones and other gadgets.

Another fact that these online tools are easy to get obsessed with that most of them are FREE. You just need to click a picture and upload it on one of the editing tools you are using, the rest editor will do in few minutes for you. Picture is a reflection of how we look and people make sure that this reflection shines in the brightest way.

Here we will have a review on 3 best picture editing tools that have one thing in common; they are free to use.

  1. Pixlr:

Pixlr tops the list because of its amazing user friendly features. This is best to use for a moderate photography. You can have layers, masks, filters, effects and much more. The Instagram best pictures are edited here as it is easy and free to use and is close to Photoshop. You just need a flash in your browser to download it and here you are all ready to create the most beautiful pictures of yours.

  • Fotor:

Another picture editor that is making the life of photographer happier is Fotor. With a lot of other features like frames, special effects, colors pop etc. offered by this editor, one thing that it specializes in is to give your picture a polish touch. An 8 MB file can be uploaded but if you couldn’t Fotor itself will resize it for you.

  • Befunky:

This editor is best for people who are social media freaks and wants to post picture a day. Befunky improves the quality of your picture, making it more clear and presentable. Other features like collage maker special effects, frames are also there to make it your album a memorable one.

If you need to edit a video or photo and you don’t have the skills then it’s best to contact a professional editor for this job, you could contact xdynamix.com, they have the skilled professionals who will edit your photographs and videos just like the way you imagined.

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