Bing ads Promo Code

Bing ads is offering promo code for new advertisers. The promotional code can be used on new accounts which is 30 days older or less. Obiviously you need to add the payment method like credit card or paypal, in order to redeem the coupon.

Instantly improve your Pay Per Click management process and start dominating Search Engine Marketing NOW by following these three simple step.

Step 1: Conduct Keyword Research to Gain Better Results
–         Analyze historical PPC data to create your keyword lists
–         Use keyword generation tools to find untapped niches
–         Use long tail terms to get higher conversions
–         Organize keywords into similar theme related categories

Step 2: Create PPC Ad Templates to Ease Time Management
–          Create ad campaigns in Google Editor
–          Use the export from Google Editor to template format
–          Import ads into Yahoo! and MSN AdCenter

Step 3: Setup a PPC Account Checklist to Achieve Weekly Goals
–          Set reasonable daily budgets
–          Understand your cost per lead or cost per acquisition
–          Turn content targeting On or Off
–          Set Location/Geo Targeting: International/US/City
–          Set Ad Scheduling
–          Set Rotate or Optimize Ads
–          Add new keywords each week
–          Use Negative Keywords and update the list weekly
–          Understand Match Type:
> Google: Broad, Phrase or Exact
> Yahoo! Search Marketing: Advanced or Standard
> Microsoft AdCenter: Broad, Phrase or Exact
–          Set Bids for defaults Bid and Max Bid for each keyword

Bing ads promo codes are no spend coupons. It is a very good option for the users as they don’t have to spend anything on their own in order to redeem the coupon. Unlike adwords coupon where one needs to spend $25 to get $75, bing ads has no such condition. So it’s a win win for the users. If some of you didn’t get the coupon from bing ads, you can buy bing promo codes from here:

After redeeming the coupon, you can straight away start your ads. Enjoy your $100 savings.

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