Blue and Black waitress pants: why to choose dark colors

When we enter a new restaurant or a hotel, the first thing we evaluate is the service. The word “service” includes so many linguistic shades. For example, it reminds of the friendliness of the staff, of the atmosphere that reigns inside the hotel or the restaurant, but also of the appearance of the professionals who are in charge of guests accomodation.

So, the uniforms worn by waitress or waiter is the first thing that restaurants or a hotels guests notice. They must always wear impeccable dresses.

Style, model, colors and fabrics should be chosen with care. Not all colors are suitable for formal contexts such as luxury hotels and restaurants. Therefore, there is a reason why we choose the Black color for waitress pants and skirts. Indeed, there is more the one reasons. Let’s see them.

Why Black waitress pants and skirts

Black is the classic color for waitress pants and skirts. It is possible to choose between other solutions. The most suitable is the Blue color. It is usually available in two different shades, navy and marine ones.

But why Black is considered as the traditional color for waitress dresses? First of all, it depends on our history.

Since the ancient times, waiter and waitresses wear a uniform. Formerly, the uniform was the same for all service levels. The accessories distinguished the uniform of the aristocratic waiter from that of a tavern waitress.

Later, the world of the aristocracy introduced a distinction based also on colors. White and black become the two main colors of the waiter and waitress uniforms for the nobility.

Why these colors? They respect a very precise chromatic code that date back to the Nineteenth century.

White communicates cleanliness while black communicate elegance. This is the reason why, nowadays, these colors are perfectly suited to formal contexts, such as luxury hotels and restaurants.

Another reason to choose dark colors is that Blue and Black waitress pants can be matched to almost all of the uniforms.

This is a very important aspect to keep in mind because the economy of a hotel or of the restaurant should benefit from it. In fact, if the dark pants can be easily combined with different colors and styles of shirts, so it will be possible to buy a smaller number of trousers and a greater number of blouses, thus limiting the costs for personnel uniforms.

Some false myths about Black color for waitress pants and skirts

A common place about black waitress pants and skirts is that the darkest colours such as blue and black should fade. Of course, it depends on the fabrics!

Waitress uniforms are made with very resistant materials, such as gabardine plus. It is a synthetic fabric that can be machine washed even at high temperatures. The color will remain intact even after many washes.

So, don’t be persuaded by those who would like to sell you clear maid’s pants. Dark colors have so many pluses, and blue and black are certainly the most comfortable colors for this kind of profession.

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