Top Money management apps

Do you believe that your Smartphone can help you keep tabs on your finances in order to help you manage your money in a simplest but great way?

Yes, it’s now possible by way of the advancement in technology because a lot of budgeting apps and spending trackers are accessible that one can easily operate via smartphone.

With help of below listed top money management apps, there will no longer need to speculate about where all your money goes by in last days of the month.

By using these best personal finance apps for iOS and Android, you will effortlessly be able to set a monthly budget plan, to log your expenses down, as well as to make some micro-investing decisions in order to make more money from your savings etc.

Just go through the list and pick the best one that meet your personal finances needs to get started effectively.


Make your smartphone an easily accessible money management tool by installing Mint app in it because Mint is one of the top money management apps that enable you to be acquainted with when credit card bills are due, when you need to pay your utility bills in order to enjoy uninterrupted services, what you owe throughout the month and how well you can pay your debts out etc.

By using this amazing personal finances app, you can set reminders to send payments via money transfer services in order to make financial obligations smaller or to pay your bills on time in order to prevent late fees.

The best thing about this money management app is that it also guides you to take better control over your spending by keeping your spending habits in consideration.


When it comes to manage and keep an eye on the money deposited in your bank accounts, nothing can work well but ‘spendee’.

It is a money management app that keeps proper track of each and every buck that flows into and out of your bank account.

It enables you to see exactly how much you’re earning and spending by using your smartphone.

This money management app directly connects to your bank account and also classifies all your account activities, including the funds transfer to your account or cash withdrawals etc.

The feature that makes Spendee unique from others is that it puts together some easy to understand graphs and charts for you to make obvious how and when you are spending your money either on business costs or for personal expenses.

Both Android and IOS users can enjoy this app.


PocketGuard is another best personal finances app that can be connected to your bank account in order to show you how much you have deposited to your accounts (or received payments), as well as a better spending plan for each day as per your spending habits.

In simple words, PocketGuard would be the right choice for you if you are getting your monthly payments in form of direct deposit via money transfer services or via bank transfer from your employer’s account.

When this app successfully connected to your bank account, it will automatically sort out your purchases, subscriptions, and bill payments etc (as per your previous spending routine) in order to provide you an estimate as to how much you can spend via your bank account without facing financial troubles at the end of month.


Worried about gathering all your income and spending related details conveniently at a place? Just put this off for now because ‘wally’ is here for you to deal with all your money management issues.

This money management app is developed to bring all your financial information that you need into easy view at a place in order to allow you take batter control of your personal or business related finances.

When you have ‘wally’ installed on your Smartphone, the savings targets, spending budget and monthly incomes etc would be just one tap away from you.

It provides you a detailed infographics of your spending by not only providing description and totals of expenses but along with information that where and with who you have spent your money.


Unlike other money management apps where you can check graphs and charts of your spending, the ‘Penny’ allows you to chat with a bot in order to gather details about your personal finances.

It is developed with great power of artificial intelligence (AI) to help manage your finances in a smart way via your mobile phone.

Penny bot will continuously send you reminders and notifications about your incomes and spending etc.

Whether you want to inquire the monthly incomes, expenses made or bill summary, you will just need to request the Penny via an instant message to get required details on your screen swiftly.