Wise, Simple as well as Savvy: Cellular Apps with regard to Hauliers

Generate a truck? Got the smartphone? If you aren’t using apps to create your life on the highway easier, safer and much more enjoyable, you’re really missing out. However, you will find hundreds – otherwise thousands – associated with choices available for Apple company and Google android phones, so how can you separate the actual incredibly useful in the inevitably ineffective? If you work with among the larger haulage businesses, there might be some utilized as standard through the fleet, but almost always there is something brand new… no issue how up-to-date you believe you tend to be.

We’ve obtained the low-down on a few of the latest technology that haulage businesses and self-employed drivers may use to maintain things moving on the highway.

Trucker Timer

This particular app is actually free. Since we’ve obtained your interest, we can let you know that this can be a seriously useful app with regard to tackling a significant subject. Trucker Timer monitors your car owner hours, ensuring that you simply to stick to the regulation and you don’t succumb in order to fatigue through driving for too much time. The application uses a professional tacho as well as driving record to cumulatively determine your generating hours, and it is available with regard to both Apple company and Google android phones. (This can be a great 1 for haulage businesses to move out over the fleet to make sure compliance. )#)

Tone of voice Text Professional

When it involves texting as well as driving, simply don’t. But with regards to something because potentially lifesaving because Voice Textual content Pro, simply do. This app enables you to speak in to your telephone, where your own voice is going to be translated as well as sent like a text information, email or social networking post… and all this without you needing to take your own eyes from the road! If you have even a small case associated with FOMO, this Apple-compatible app is really a must – and it is free, so thinking about go for this?

FleetSafer Cellular

The FleetSafer application takes telephone safety the step additional, and is actually another device that haulage businesses may think about as regular issue for his or her drivers. FleetSafer blocks use of the internet, text as well as emails as long as you’re driving, as well as any inbound texts as well as emails obtain an instantly generated reaction that says, “I’m driving”. The application is free of charge and suitable for both Apple company and Google android phones.


Wouldn’t this be nice every single child plan your own journey understanding exactly whenever and enabling you to stop along the way for relaxation, safe car parking and meals? This desire becomes reality using the Truckstop application, which offers the pertinent information on stops, such as their car parking availability, starting times as well as facilities. It is £1. 49 as well as downloadable for those Apple as well as Android products.


More costly than other apps, Navtruck UK might be considered a good investment instead of simply the handy application – especially for bigger haulage businesses. It’s the very first GPS application that’s created solely with regard to HGVs, meaning it offers safe routing, taking truck-restricted highways and automobile weight, dimension, length as well as loads into consideration. It’s readily available for both Google android and Apple company, but comes with an extra tone of voice guidance function for i-phones. It’s £79. 99, but has got the potential in order to save a lot of money in conditions of bare mileage as well as downtime throughout a navy.

Haulage Trade Mobile Application

One from the handiest apps of is which of on the internet freight trade, Haulage Trade. Their cellular app provides all the benefits from the site when you need it, enabling you to definitely view obtainable, nearby jobs instantly via the actual notifications. In addition, other users can easily see your location with the “Live Accessibility Map”. The application is liberated to all bought members (and when you’re not really already an associate, you ought to be! )#), and is really a proven way to obtain more work, reduce dead usage and increase profits. You may also easily incorporate other cellular apps using the Haulage Trade platform.

Taking advantage of mobile apps is sensible for anybody who drives for any living. From locating the best car parking to navigating paths and obtaining jobs Computer Technologies Articles, it’s time for you to let technologies take a little bit of the effort from life on the highway!