Save Your Money Using Only Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans

As the name suggests, Max Bupa Health Insurance is a firm that resulted from the joint venture between the India based firm Max India Limited and Bupa, a healthcare services expert based in UK. The firm was setup with a vision to inculcate various health experts from around the world into a single place. With over six decades of experience and boasting of a huge customer base of around 29 million spread over 190 countries, Max India Group aims to bring expertise in the field of healthcare and insurance, that includes hospitals, clinics, lifetime claims, etc.
The classic blend of global expertise and local experience in both healthcare and insurance gives Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans an edge when it comes to family welfare. It is meant to tackle all contingencies regarding any health issue by providing reliable health insurance plans.

Benefits offered by Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans:

If we talk about benefits that you might enjoy if you choose to be a part of Max Bupa Companion Health Insurance cover are mentioned below:

  • It is a policy that is made for covering costs of an individual, a couple or even an extended family.
  • Comprehensive coverage amounts ranging till 10millions.
  • Renewal offers extending over a period of lifetime.
  • Effective Top-up plans for existing customers, offering better and wider coverage.
  • Go cashless for your treatment in almost over 3500 renowned hospitals entitled all over the globe.
  • Tax benefits on premium payments.
  • Discounts of up to 12.5% on second year renewals in case of a policy with a tenure of two years.

Features of Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans:

It is not mandatory to spend a minimum of 24 hours in a hospital to be eligible to claim for your insurance cover. Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans covers the proceedings that involve less than a day’s time to get you back on your feet again, under day care treatments.

As a part of no claim benefits, you can receive a bonus that would equal to almost 20% of the basic sum, to a maximum of 100%. There would be no effect on the bonus amount even if a claim is made.

Do good, get good. If a time arises where you might have to seek help of an organ donar , the entire cost of treatment of the organ donors will be borne by the insurance firm. Of course, it would also bear your treatment costs as well.

All your medical expenses prior to 30 days of your hospitalization will be borne by your insurance firm. It would also ensure that all your medical expenses are taken care of till 60 days post hospitalization.

If the no claim bonus or the base amount gets exhausted either completely or partially, the insurance plans would take actions to fill your insured sum, till the amount of the base sum is reached.

Depending upon the plans that you would pay for, an entitlement to complimentary health check-ups would be rewarded, once or twice a year.

OPD treatment costs are covered only in the case of immunizations or vaccinations, which is available on reimbursements.

You can also avail your treatment at your residence. Only up to the base sum that is insured, would be used for compensations, based on certain terms and conditions.

Going the ayurvedic way? The plans also bear costs for non-allopathic treatment up to a maximum cost of the base sum insured.

One can choose the option to avail the daily cash allowance, after a span of 48 hours of being hospitalized and up to a period of about 30 days of being hospitalized.

Well, all good things come to an end. And if, maybe due to some reasons whatsoever, you prefer not to continue with your policy, the refund would be carried out in not more than 15 days of submission of all required documents.

Where To Buy The Best Plans For Max Bupa Health Insurance?

You may get to  view all the plans, benefits, terms and conditions for your Max Bupa Health Insurance plan on its  website The site offers a well-designed user interface with immediate focus on important things. You can also go through a lot of user reviews, owing to its huge customer base. You may also visit online insurance brokers site to avail the plan along with expert advice and excellent post-sales services.


A detailed hospitalization coverage with zero room rent capping, refill benefits in case of sum exhaustion, no co-payments are among the host of benefits Max Bupa Health Insurance plans offer. With over 3500 renowned hospitals in its network, it assures a worriless and convenient way of seeking the needed medical care.

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