How Price Plays an Important Role in Choosing the Best Web Hosting Package?

You have the option of buying cheap web hosting solutions from well-established hosting providers for a price that is far less in comparison to the price of a cappuccino.  But, what is the actual catch here?

It is important for consumers to dig into the details of best web hosting solutions in order to make long-term and accurate comparisons of the different offerings. Is it actually possible to buy affordable web hosting solutions for less than the price of a coffee? Yes, it is and you can come to this conclusion only after going through the details of some of the best website server hosting service providers. But before that it is important for you to know how the best web hosting solutions actually work.

How does Best Web Hosting Actually Works?

The moment you are done with the process of purchasing the best web hosting package, your hosting provider will store your website on one of its servers and offer it an exclusive DNS. Here, it is important to note that the DNS is the address of your site and it is the DNS that will allow individuals across the world to get hold of your business website. This exclusive address is needed if you want people to have a clear idea and sight of your website.  Buying the best web hosting plan means you are mainly purchasing space on one of the servers of the provider. This space is same as the space available on the hard drive of a computer with the only difference being that the server allows the files of your site to be easily access from almost anywhere. You might be the perfect candidate for best website hosting solutions if you already possess good experience in website hosting and do not require any hand-holding. But in case you lack technical skills, it becomes necessary for you to choose the services of a consultant or a designer with required background. Such professionals will help you in making the right comparisons.

Many individuals are not aware of the fact that they can get hold of web hosting for varied requirements such as enterprise, e-commerce and certain content management systems. But here again, it is important for the consumers to be extra careful in making their choice. First of all, if they find that a deal sounds too good to be true, then must give it a second thought. Checking the fine print is always very important. And most importantly, you will be getting only those features that you pay for. Take for instance, a standard Linux web hosting package from Onlive Server will offer you single domain hosting, SSD server, free Cpanel, unlimited FTP, 5 GB SSD disk space, unlimited email accounts and unlimited bandwidth at a price of 152.46 INR monthly. On the other hand, a business Linux cPanel  hosting package from the same provider will offer  you 10 domains hosting,  SSD server, unlimited FTP, unlimited bandwidth, Cpanel/WHM and 60 GB SSD  disk space at 381.16 INR monthly.

Make Sure You are Going for the Right Price

Merely going for the most well-established and well-known hosting providers is not enough. Majority of the providers in this field will promise the same entry-level features and offerings. The most affordable web hosting packages provide shared hosting at introductory rates. If you are just starting out, the packages that offer bandwidth and storage space on servers shared with the other customers might be perfect for you. But with shared servers, the problem is that your site will perform slowly and there are even chances of security breaches. There are other service providers that might be providing low prices initially during the promotional period and once this period ends, their prices might go up. Hence, if you are going for such low-priced introductory offers, make sure that the advertised affordable rate comes with a lengthy commitment.

Avoid going for limited time offers that ask you to buy immediately before the rates go up. Hosting providers in this category run countdown clocks on their websites asking the intended users to take the best advantage of limited offers. But if you visit their sites constantly over a few weeks, you will find that they reset their countdown clocks over and over again. So, the limited time offer is nothing but a gimmick. So, always make sure that you are going for the right prices by making the perfect comparisons.

Some frequently asked questions about web hosting packages include:

  1. If I am the owner of a site, can I transfer the site to some other website hosting package?

Yes, you can. This is a very simple procedure. Simply use the hosting control centre of the provider and upload all existing files of your site.

  1. What are some important costs to factor in when trying to make an informed decision with website server hosting choice?

Dirt-cheap rates are actually designed for luring the consumers. There are many hosting providers that charge extra for attributes like site migration and backup. These costs need to be factored in prior to making an informed decision.

  1. What should I do if I have a personal site?

Going for an affordable shared server hosting package would be the best thing for you to do if you are the owner of a personal site.

  1. Is shared server hosting good for sites that need to handle huge e-commerce or traffic?

No, shared server hosting is only good for basic business websites running with the aim of serving in the form of landing page or online calling card for the visitors who want to know about certain organizations in details.

  1. What to expect from a cheap web hosting package?

The best thing you can expect from a cheap web hosting package is regular upsell offers for expensive and fully-featured packages.

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