Top 10 Indian Companies that Print Custom T-Shirts

The “Make In India” campaign is important with respect to every industry. In all the industries, we have been influenced by western culture in one way or the other. Among all the different industries, fashion is probably one of the biggest industries that have really had an impact on our nation altogether.

But, what is the need to be copying the western side when we can be even more creative with our styles? It is high time that we get the due recognition to the Indian companies, which have spent a lot of time in creating some wonderful brands representing our style but never got recognized due to western influence.

If there is anything common about fashion between boys and girls, men and women, it would be t-shirts. This blog is about the companies who have really made it a point to bring comfort, and design both together for the younger as well as elder ones. Let us talk about the Indian companies (with no western influence whatsoever) that print custom cozy t-shirts with amazing design.

  1. Freshmonk

Apart from being able to customize the t-shirts, you can definitely vouch for one of the best features of this website. The feature is that Freshmonk gives you the opportunity to earn revenue for the print and designs, without investing. The tool enables you to add a maximum of ten styles or colors for the clothing in a campaign. Sell your t-shirts at least at the price of Rs 300 to earn the profit of one rupee per t-shirt. If you sell the t-shirt at Rs 600, then the profit per t-shirt will rise to Rs 10. Also, you are gifted with a page of your own when you launch a campaign.

  1. iLogo

It’s a popular website which gives you the ability to customize various things like t-shirts, mugs, hats, etc. The best part about iLogo is that it has segregated various items in different categories like sports, college, business, and events. This gives you the options to design the items according to your needs. As soon as you have selected the type of object (T-shirt, in this case), then you can then edit the text on the T-shirt. They also have their own gallery, which you can use to print on your T-shirt. Once your T-shirt is ready, it takes no more than a week to reach your home.

  1. Custombaba

This site gives you the ability to print anything from pictures, messages to pictures on your T-shirt. The T-shirt is also of your choice, and you can customize it accordingly by adding text or pictures. Apart from comfortable clothing (cotton as well as polyester), they also deal with canvas painting, pillow, photo printing, etc. They are extremely suitable for wearing in all kinds of occasions.

  1. Bhane

Bhane is different from conventional t-shirt companies. It’s pretty much a revolutionary business model that aims at creating wearable, versatile but yet individualistic clothing, which ends up being affordable for one and all. Their eye-catching and mind-boggling campaigns have made their mark on everyone in the country. And, the best part, it promotes our heritage instead of being completely influenced by western culture.

  1. Lets Flaunt

This one understands the fashion conscious youth as well as fashion for the professionals in a much better way than the others. They have an amazing collection of t-shirts that you can customize, as a man or as a woman. Also, there are animated designs, funny slogans or sports designs available. Attractive discounts ensure that more clients are lured to this website. For orders pricing more than 150, shipping is free.

  1. InkMonk

InkMonk is based in Chennai and is a marketplace to serve and cater the printing needs for all the clients – business or casual. Apart from T-shirts, this platform delivers many other items like cards, mugs, office stationery. Images, if needed ion the T-shirts, should be in the CMYK format (300 DPI). Depending on whether you want the only single-sided print or a double-sided print, the price ranges from Rs. 212 to Rs 368.

  1. in

This has also proved out to be the favorite of the youngsters because of its wonderful collection of T-shirts as well as accessories. The clothing has been categorized into different categories like gym, biker slogan, motivational, and many more. Printing photographs on the T-shirts is also an option. Oh, and then they also have a 24-hour delivery scheme, if you are ready to pay some extra amount.

  1. KultureShop

This one belongs to the unconventional Indian companies that have changed the game of “T-shirt companies.” Their mantra is to “Support the Artist”, which is an amazing motto for a company to start with. There’s a story behind each of the designs they create. Though there is very little customization you can do to these, but these ones are definitely worth the try.

  1. Print Venue

This website offers prints not only for T-shirts but also for polo, round neck, and formal wear as well. This one defines a minimum order value as Rs. 500, and has subsequent shipping charges depending on the weight of your ordered T-shirts. Through its portal, it caters to the needs of all the buyers – business or casual. The price varies between Rs 400 to Rs 500, depending on the size, type of cloth and many other factors.

  1. Alma Mater

This platform is specifically for people who are part of alumni networks and corporate groups. It has almost 4000 clients, which is a great number for a startup in the initial phase. It promotes its own design tool which is known as Play. This one provides the users with more than 12 colors and gives the users the choice to add graphics, text on front and back. The cost of the T-shirts depend on how many pieces are being ordered.

So, this is all about the top 10 Indian Companies that can help you print custom T-shirts within a week. Suit yourself.

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